Cherry Bakewell tart

Filled with your choice of either Banana Milk Choc / Raspberry White Choc / Blueberry Dark Choc, and designed to your theme, these Mini Fruit Loaves are sure to be a hit on your dessert tables. Light and fluffy we can make to any colour. Perfect for afternoon tea!

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order 

Plain shortcrust shell, filled with chocolate creme pattisier, topped with sour morello cherries and a white designer chocolate shard. Have these at your next office function or event and you'll be talk of the town. Sweet, sour, perfect!

* If you have a theme you'd like us to match, please let us know. We can design chocolate shard to meet your requirements (Choc Mandarin available)

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order            

Seasonal fresh fruit on top of special light custard, so delicious and so easy to eat! A favourite on the dessert table, this one's a hit at any party or occasion. 

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order          

Deconstructed Cheesecake Mini Cup

Impress your guests with this little wonder. A mouth watering deconstructed passionfruit cheesecake. Light and tangy, one is never enough.

$3.10 each / min qty 20 per order               (Gluten Free Available)

Light in sugar, rich in flavour, these little Italian desserts are a sure hit at any event. 

*No alcohol content  

$3.10 each / min qty 20 per order 

Tiramisu Mini Cup

We pride ourselves with our macarons. With years of experience, we can confidently say you will not be disappointed with our macaron. Delicate and perfect, take a bite and crunch, followed by the chewy delectable centre. Absolutely heavenly! We love to pretty our macarons up, so you will choose colour/flavour and let us turn your macarons into something really special!

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per flavour/colour    (Gluten Free)

$3.20 Hand Painted each / min qty 20 per flavour/colour (Gluten Free)


Light in sugar, not light in flavour! With a great range of flavours and colours, we can create something spectacular for your special occassion. The featured Pana Cotta Jelly Cups Raspberry Jelly with Lychee Pana Cotta. A simply refreshing dessert.

$3.10 each / min qty 20 per flavour         (Gluten Free)

Pana cotta Jelly cup

A signature dessert to Tea Party Co, this lemon custard & almond filled tart is topped with Vanilla Cream Cheese, which brings to you an absolutely delicious bite full! Light, fluffy and tangy, we dress the tart up pretty to your colour scheme, and you watch these go! 

$2.65 each / min qty 24 per order 

Chocolate Sour Cherry Tartlet


Plain shortcrust shell, filled with Citrus Custard. Topped with fresh Raspberry and Decorative Meringue. These look fabulous and taste fabulous. Add this pop of colour to your dessert table and watch them fly!

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order              

Mini Fruit Loaf

Made from 100% real fruit ingredients, these Mousse mini Cups are so delicious you can't stop at one! This mousse is made up of white chocolate and cream and has no egg content. Creamy and delectable, with your choice of flavour, topped with a couverture white chocolate shard. These are a real stand out on any dessert table, and work wonderfully on our Dessert Towers. Colour up your dessert table and serve something luscious! 

* If you have a theme you'd like us to match, please let us know. We can design chocolate shard to meet your requirements, and choose a flavour that will colour to your theme

$3.10 each / min qty 20 flavour/colour  ​    (Gluten Free)   

Raspberry Lime Meringue Tartlet

Our Mini Cupcakes are custom designed around your theme and can be as pretty or bold as you wish! A moist vanilla cupcake topped with a flavoured buttercream and prettied up with various gems/leaf and piping techniques to bring you a truely unique dessert to the table. Perfect for weddings, bridal and baby showers.

$2.65 each / min qty 24 per order               (Gluten Free Available)

Filled with a delicious vanilla or chocolate custard and designed to your colour/theme choice, these Profiteroles are light and delicious! We can make many designs to suit your Dessert Tables and High Tea themes. 

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order 

Mini Cupcakes

Pistachio creamy Panna Cotta topped with Persian Fairy Floss, dare we say more? A real favourite, takes you into an exotic creamy tantalising journey. We can top with edible flowers, choc Shard to colour theme or just plain for that clean white look. 

$3.10 each / min qty 20 per        (Gluten Free Available)

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Macarons with gold/silver leaf

Limoncello meringue tartlet

Macaron tower

custard fruit flans

A tower filled with delicious assorted Macarons to visually enhance your dessert buffet and wow your guests! Everyone loves a Macaron, why not display it with style? Macaron Towers start at 80pc plain macarons. We make to your colour scheme with plent of flavours to choose from. Place on a stand, your customised Macaron Tower comes complete with matching florals. (if you do not require florals please let us know and we can work out a price). Price includes set up.

$265.00 a complete Tower with 80pc+ Macarons               ​(Gluten Free)


mousse mini cups

Pistachio Panna Cotta Cup

A Tea Party Co creation, the Limonchello Meringue Tartlet is made up of shortcrust tart base, filled with a decadent but light lemon curd with a punch of Limonchello liquer, topped with a crisp coloured meringue. The textures and flavour of these is heavenly! These pretty little tarts work perfectly on any dessert table, especially baby and bridal showers. 

* If you have a theme you'd like us to match, please let us know. We can design meringue to meet your requirements

*Limonchello Liquer can be left out if required

$2.65 each / min qty 20 per order              

For a bit of luxury add Gold or Silver Leaf to your macarons. This adds a beautiful touch, perfect for weddings and dessert buffets

$3.20 each / min qty 20 per order        ​(Gluten Free)

A delicious combination of cashew, macadamia, walnut and candied cherries on top of a shortbread biscuit base and dipped in coloured chocolate to match your theme. Fancied up with gold or silver leaf. Now this little number is delicious, light but decadent to look at. A real treat!

$3.50 each / min qty 20 per order

 Lemon Bouquet Tart

Our version of the Cherry Bakewell Tart. Sour Cherry , Orange Infused Almond Dome, Lemon Icing and topped with  hand painted choc covered dried peach. All together and its a wonderful mouthful of flavour! We will pretty it up any colour you like, its like nothing you've ever had!

$2.65 each / min qty 24 per order