Fetta & Leek Tart

roasted eggplant open sandwich

Mini Pizza Muffins

A perfect combination of rice, minted peas, egg and fetta makes this treat so enjoyable with your tea or bubbly! Seasoned with cracked pepper, you get a really rustic taste. 

 $40.00 per platter (48 pc)             (Gluten Free)


  Such rich amazing flavours, who can say no? Very addictive buttery leek savoury guaranteed to        tantilise taste buds. 

  $59.00 per platter (24 pieces)           



These delicious savory muffins a packed full of flavour. Perfect as finger food, these go really well with cheese platters, sandwich platters and pie platters. Filled with roasted capsicum, spring onion, pizza cheese and a dash of chili. Who would've thought pizza with tea? but it works and that's why we have them! We can deliver hot ready to eat, or cold and you can heat yourselves.

$41.00 per platter (48 pc)          (Gluten Free Available)


A classic at tea parties, you can't go past a party pie, especially a Slow Cooked Beef One! Perfect platters for parties, kids parties, work functions etc. Party Pie platters come with tomato dipping sauce. (Delivered hot or frozen, depending on distance)

$39.00 per platter (24 pieces)                                                             

These have been an amazing hit! Not like your average Sauasage Roll, ours contain nothing but pure lamb mince and are simply delicious. Sausage Roll platters come with tomato dipping sauce. (Delivered hot or frozen, depending on distance)

 $44.50 per platter (24pc)  /  $77.50 per platter (48pc)                                                          

High Tea Ribbon Sandwiches

These are an absolute treat to eat! Filled with the perfect combinations these Mini Croissant Sandwiches melt in the mouth and are also nice and filling. Choose 2 fillings per platter.

Sandwich Platter Fillings are:

Roast Shaved Chicken, Goats curd, Dill Pickle & Red Onion

Hungarian Salami, Spinach, Red Onion

Shaved Ham, Pickled Relish, Cheese & Lettuce

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Capers & Red Onion

$60.00 per platter (24 pieces)          

One for the Champagne! Bread rounds topped with our own Trout Pate, garnished with Black Caviar. An absolute winner.

$60.00 per platter (40 pc)


Our mixed Sandwich has been carefully balanced to suit any function, and of course it all goes perfectly with tea. With a mixture of white and wholemeal sliced bread accompanied with 4 different selection of fillings, theres something for everyone. This platter is perfect for office meetings and functions, birthday parties and tea parties.

Sandwich Platter Fillings are:

Tuna and spring onion topped with carrot & Mayo‚Äč

Ham, Cheese

Silverside Beef, mustard relish

Mixed Salad with mayo

$56.00 per platter (38 pieces)           (Gluten Free Available)

There is no high Tea without traditional Ribbon Sandwiches! But why stop at High Tea only when you can enjoy them anytime? The perfect finger food at any event or meeting, these are the perfect food platters you can have, easy to eat and delicious. No crust, perfect for kids parties too! You can choose from Royal Cucumber Sandwiches, Creamy Egg, Salmon & Dill and Ham Relish. (2 fillings per platter) All a delight and all very addictive!

$56.00 per platter (32 pieces)            (Gluten Free Available)

These delicious savouries come with two popular fillings potato onion or fetta parsley. They go perfect with tea, and same with bubbly too. Beware of their addictive flavour! These are the perfect finger foods, simple to eat, melt in your mouth. 

$50.00 per platter (40 pieces)

Roasted Capsicum & Pecan Canape

Slow Cooked Beef Party Pies

Lamb & Thyme Sausage Rolls

  For the Mediterranean lovers! Crusty French bread topped with Roasted Eggplant, Roast Pepper reduction, crumbed fetta cheese and drizzled with Balsamic Glaze. Belisimo!

  $54.00 per platter (24 pieces)



Turkish Pastries

Filled Croissants

sausage rolls

Smoked Trout Canape

  A delicious combination of Chargrilled Capsicum, Marinated Soft goats cheese, Pecan nuts, Prosciutto. A Zesty recipe makes this canape very satisfying. Perfect with Bubbly and equally delicious as part of High Tea. 

  $75.50 per platter (40 pieces)



Mixed Sandwich Platter

Minted Pea & Fetta Rice Cake